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Nicholas & Me

I’m Anita, Nita for short, a single mum of a 9-Year-old boy called Nicholas. We live in the outskirts of a city in the East of England and share our home with a 2-year-old Cocker Spaniel called Gizmo, and a 13-year-old cat called Tilly, who really is the boss of the home.

I work full time for an entrepreneurial company, at a pace of 110% a majority of the time. I am gradually reducing my private work as life feels like a juggling act between work, parenting, housework and trying to have 5 minutes of my time a day if possible.

For the last 3 years, I have wanted to start a blog to document our family life, good times and bad times. I did start in 2016 but did not feel confident with my writing skills so I put it on the back burner.  So, this is the year I start again.

I love family time, not only with Nicholas but my mum and sister and I want to document as much as possible so that one day Nicholas can show his family our adventures. I also love reading, Walking Dead series, cooking and taking Gizmo for a walk.

Sadly, I am not a master at sewing, a friend does all of the school clothes turn ups and I supply the wine. My idea of sewing is called wonder web, which can be quite messy and always ends up with one trouser leg longer than the other.  I am sure one year I put double sided tape on in error as the base of his trouser leg seemed to stand on its own. Although I love cooking Nicholas can often be heard shouting “Dinner’s ready” when the fire alarm kicks in, and I am on my third pan steamer in the last 6 months.


Nicholas with his cheeky look

Nicholas has an infectious smile, which melts your heart. I could not be prouder of Nicholas as he is polite, helpful, caring and mainly my rock. Nicholas enjoys spending time with friends, Lego and the dreaded Minecraft which to be honest I cannot understand why? He is very creative and has asked if he can make some things and show them off on here, which I look forward to doing.

Nicholas wants to be a Police Officer who will fly around in a helicopter with lots of guns and arrest lots of people. He loves to arrest me, reminding me of the times I have been pulled over by the police due to forgetting to put my headlights on. He has also stressed to me on several occasions, that he will arrest me if he sees me breaking the law when he is older.



Gizmo, our Cocker Spaniel, has a very serious heart murmur, so every moment we spend with him is very precious.  He is the Loony Toon of our family, full of life, loves lots of attention, and basically a total mental head. He follows me everywhere and sits right behind me when I am cooking or ironing, so I often end up tripping over him.

Gizmo has a major sock fetish, and our normal morning ritual is the sock fight as he will not let go. I have realised that there is no such thing as a washing machine sock thief, it is Gizmo.  Gizmo shows his affection when I come home from work by grabbing my shoelaces or the bottom of my jeans trying to trip me, thankfully I am winning, I have managed to stay on my two feet although it is a very hard thing to accomplish.



She is the old lady of our home and keeps Gizmo in check. I purchased Tilly from Cats Protection when she was 3 months old, as a slightly blind and deaf naughty tortie cat, although I do believe she has selective hearing. Tilly often walks across my keyboard, plants her bottom in the middle of a magazine I am reading or knocks coffee over me as she head butts me for attention. She will also find the smallest box or bag to sleep in, on several occasions I have nearly thrown her in the bin.

When chilling of an evening I often have Tilly one side and Gizmo the other. I think they must play a game to see who gets the most attention, or who can sit on my lap first.  I have Gizmo gradually pushing his way onto my lap and for a dog his size it is not an easy task, it feels like a tank sitting on me. The other side sitting on the arm of my chair is Tilly gently dragging my arm towards her as I am trying to have that important sip of coffee.

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