Don’t Criticise Me For Being A Working Mum

Yet again I have been criticised for being a working mum, but this was from the mouth of another mum. I cannot put into words how angry I was when these fatal words were uttered.

 “You work too much, and you will regret missing out on Nick growing you, you are missing so much.”

I honestly felt that I had just been gut-punched, as I thought this mum was a friend.  I just wanted to shout “Do you honestly think this is my choice? I do not have the option to stay at home, I have to work and keep a roof over our heads.”  But no, I was so shocked by what she had said I just stood there with my mouth open like a goldfish gulping for air.

YES, I do realise how much I miss out with Nicholas, like the first time he walked and talked. As I had no choice, I was back to work within 3 weeks of Nick being born. At the time I was self-employed, and it was and still is just me, so if I did not work, I did not earn.

But the moment I arrived at my mums’ house to collect Nick after work, I was Nicks mum, and I took over. It did not matter how tired I was and the little sleep I was surviving on. Nick was my responsibility, and I wanted to care for him.

I make sure that I am there for every parents evening, school play, and parent lunches. I am the one that tucks nick into bed each night, nags him to get up and get ready for school.  I make his pack lunch every day, cook his tea, but the main thing is that I am there for him and we have lots of fun together as a family.

So please do not criticise me or any other parent for working. I will not criticise other parents’ choice to stay at home with their child.  Everybody has their own decisions in life so please leave me be.


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