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A bit about me

Hi, I’m Anita, and a single mum of a 10-year-old boy called Nicholas. Only a couple of years from the big 50.

I work full time as a Business Analyst that no longer gives me any job satisfaction.  Leaving me feeling every day frustrated, and wanting out of the rat race. Which has made me dig deep emotionally, financially and rethink my life. 

The realisation that I needed to change my lifestyle

My journey started about a year ago, out of the blue I felt like a thunderbolt hit me. I remember sitting at my desk, looking around the office and realising I no longer wanted this.  Surrounded by people that earnt half of my salary in a week. Why was I not taking the same steps as them?

After talking to other mums and people in my situation, I realised that it is very hard to make something out of nothing. Especially if you do not have the financial or emotional security to offer you support. It is a very scary step to take.

My financial situation, lack of confidence and mindset was stopping me from moving forward. During the past year, I have been working on these blockages. Creating a home budget that works for me, and really tightening my belt. All leading to the next important stage of my life.

Aim of Mum Goes Barmie

The aim of Mum Goes Barmie is to create a secure passive income from nothing or with a very small financial investment. 

There are so many different articles, youtube videos stating how much money you can make overnight if you follow their system.  Some offering free ways to earn money, but others asking you to invest several hundred pounds. It is all just so confusing, and easy to jump from one idea to another.

During the past year, I have been researching different ways that can create a passive income, 

I want to put these different options to the test, but also ensuring that my home budget allowed me to to do this. Most importantly it worked and was not just another failure. Plus creating a more stable future for my family, allowing us to spend more quality time together.

Join me on my journey

The journey I want to share with you is going to be hard, but very honest.  Over a period of time, my aim is to test different ways of saving money, setting challenges and testing ways to gain additional financial security.   

Some of these challenges may be successful or they may be failures. But at least this may stop you from making the same mistakes. Potentially throwing money down the drain. If you are in the same situation as me, you can’t afford to waste money. 

The aim of Mum Goes Barmie is to offer inspiration to others in my situation. Providing different ideas, resources, and an honest account of how you can change your life. But for me, Mum Goes Barmie will be my accountability programme.  There will be days that I will want to give up and stay in the rat race of today. 

Maybe it is the midlife crisis setting in, only time will tell. Or maybe this is just some crazy journey I need to take. 

I would love you to join me on this crazy journey as I research and attempt different sources of income streams, but all based on a budget. No investing thousands, only a minimal amount of money if needed.