Mum Goes Barmie is about 'trying what we promote'.

It’s a family affair with stuff for lifestyle, savvy living, family fun, often  on a limited budget, and we enjoy reviewing for products, events, holidays etc.  Our reviews we like to keep fun and we talk and show you products.  We are two fun sisters who are straight talking and we just keep things ‘light’ . 

So .. if you are looking for an honest review, please visit our contact page where you’ll find all the information.


Lesley at MumGoesbarmie.co.uk

I’m 53 and took a leap of faith in 2017.

I happily divorced my husband and then moved from Norfolk to Yorkshire with two geriatric cats.

Prior to settling back in the U.K. I backpacked around Europe and Australia. Then I worked on the cruise ships in duty free, stage and waitressing. 

Today I love to cook, the great outdoors, photography and upcycling. I care for elderly animals on medication and I dog walk for the Cinnamon Trust.

Currently I am living in a traditional seaside town, love relaxing in my garden and listening to the sound of waves. This is the time I think of new marketing strategies for our business.


Nita mum goes barmie

I’m a single mum on the better side of 50.  The business is Mum Goes Barmie with Lesley, as well as Amazon FBA trading and I am an Ambassador for several different training companies.

I love reading, upcycling for my garden, family cycling, family days out and just packing up my Range Rover and seeing where the road will take us exploring the U.K.  I am also quite tech savvy and business minded.


Nicholas mum goes barmie

Nick, age 11,  is training to be an up and coming You Tuber for gaming and product reviews. To be honest, he has starred in lots of our videos because he is innocently comical and has a natural spark for presenting, and he makes you laugh. 

He helps by film us for reviews for YouTube – look out for him as he accidentally pops up in some videos!. He has his own gaming channel too – it’s called Nick’s Channel.


Mum Goes Barmie team welcomes the opportunity to review any services, days out (distance can be discussed), samples, products and we will give an honest, balanced, upbeat review.  

Depending on the product we will aim to review on YouTube, other social media platforms, plus a written article within four weeks of receiving the product. If we are asked to review a day out, we will aim to complete in four weeks, but this does depend on scheduling.

Any products / samples etc will not be returned unless cost of returned postage is provided.  All paid reviews will be highlighted as sponsored reviews.

Please contact us at admin@mumgoesgoesbarmie.co.uk

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