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Loyalty reward cards
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Do you want more store loyalty reward cards? My purse is full of store reward cards and I often wonder if I do need them. How would I feel if I threw a majority of these cards away. Why don’t I? Because I feel that I will be missing out on that one great discount, or free offer.

Why do retailers have loyalty reward cards

Retailers have loyalty rewards cards to encourage us to purchase from them. They are able to have access to customer information, providing them with data about our shopping patterns. Retailers can analyse this data to give them more insight into our behaviour and patterns of purchasing. Enabling them to drive their products to us as customers, and encouraging us to purchase more.

How do retailers make money by loyalty reward programmes

Retails create loyalty reward programs so that can retain that customer. Every business wants to keep their customers so that they can increase their profits. 

By using the data collected they can aim specific marketing strategies to us, which will encourage customers to spend more.

Encouraging customers to spend money by rewarding them with either points, or money off vouchers will increase their profits. Remember for every £1 you spend, you earn a point, but you have to spend the £1 in the first place to receive your reward. 

Retailers encourage you to purchase an item, which maybe you were not thinking about purchasing. They have succeeded in their marketing strategy, to increase their sales for specific lines.

Why do customers enjoy loyalty reward cards

Everybody likes to feel that they are receiving a reward for shopping at certain stores. Customers want to feel like they are receiving some form of bonus, or free products for staying loyal to their chosen retailer.

How boost up rewards encourage you to spend more

How often do you receive vouchers giving you a higher reward bonus, all you have to do is spend a certain amount?  For instance Morrsison will give you a top up of points if you spend over £40 with them each week for a set number of weeks. 

I have become excited about this, thinking about how my points will increase if I spend this money each week. It is so easy to fall into that marketing sales strategy which encourages you to spend more.

Do loyalty reward programs stop us from shopping elsewhere

Customers choose to stay loyal to certain retailers as they want to be able to achieve the higher rewards that are available.

Being loyal to your favourite retailer will not always benefit you. The main retailers such as Tescos and Sainsbury will always dominate in regards to what their reward programs can offer. Mainly because they all seem to have stretched into other areas, such as mobile phone contracts, credit cards and partnered with other businesses.

What types of loyalty rewards are available


Retailers seems to be reaching out into different markets, and rewarding their customers. From credit cards, mobile phones to increasing the value of vouchers if they purchase certain items or events.

With retailers reaching out into these different areas they are encouraging customers to sign up and receive double the rewards. Example is Tesco’s, if you have a current account or credit card with them, for pounds you spend you receive a points when using their credit cards.  If you purchase in their store you can double the points.

Why does Aldi not have a loyalty reward card

A clear statement from Aldi is that they do not need a loyalty reward card scheme, because they are already helping customers. This is true, as more and more people are changing their shopping habits and using Aldi as their main grocery shop. This is due to the cheapness of their everyday items.

Yes the major grocery retailers may have the larger shops, compared to Aldi. But this does not make them any cheaper or more cost effective place to buy. On a negative side one thing that does drive me mad with Aldi is the lack of parking space. But I am willing to deal with this, when Ican reduce my grocery bills by 50% each week.

What rewards are available without an on going loyalty reward card


Without realising it we are using a reward system at several different retailers or even restaurants. These can viewed as promotions, but it does depend on your personal point of view.

How often do you stick that coffee bean on your card at McDonalds? Without realising it you are using their reward scheme. Buy so 6 coffees and get one free. I use this all of the time, mainly because their coffee is cheap and I want that free coffee. I want that reward for being loyal to them.

Retail reward cards that area not worth it

This may surprise you, as you may love these, but I do not feel that they are worth using.

There are 4 retailers, that I do not even bother trying to use my loyalty reward cards anymore. These are Co-op, QD, Boots Advantage and B&Q. I could probably name more but these are my top 4.

QD Reward Card

Speaking to several people, they have confirmed with me that they do not feel that the reward is worth it. For instance, I would expect to be given a point per £1 that I spend like other retailers. But no, all they offer is an email informing you of up and coming events, such as special offers and the occasional discount voucher. Maybe I am being greedy but I want more.

Boots Advantage

Boots Advantage, everybody seems to rave about this, but personally I have been very disappointed. So far every time I have tried to use my points, I have been informed that I cannot sue them against that specific purchase. This is probably my own fault, as normally I will only visit Boots for medications or other items when my son was younger. 

This has made me think twice about shopping at Boots. For me, why not shop at Tescos or Morrisons where I can earn points for every £1 spent. Plus there is no restriction on what I redeem my rewards on

B&Q loyalty reward card

When I first received my B&Q reward card I was renovationing in my home. So my immediate thought was great, and assumed that it would be the same as other loyalty reward cards.

It does not matter how much money you spend at B&Q you receive minimal discounts. The vouchers I received had a silly amount of time limit available to spend. So I did not really use these. Even though I still scan my loyalty reward card, so far I have received hardly anything back.

They do offer a 10% discount on food and drink in their cafes. This is a great discount but this really is not the type of place I want to sit and chill out for a bit, and then carry on with my shopping.

They have other benefits such as £10 discount on a two hours van delivery, plus emailed receipts which is ok. I do not want to receive continuous emails promoting products that I will not purchase. Okay, if you are involved in massive renovations, this may be ideal, but unfortunately for me it is not.

Co-Op loyalty reward card

I hardly shop at Co-op anymore, mainly because it will cost me more to travel to their supermarket rather than use my local. Plus I do find them expensive.  Because I have a strict budget, this is one supermarket that I only use if it is an emergency only.

My mum shops at Co-op nearly every other day, as this is her local supermarket. At the end of their financial year, she receives a statement of her earning of money for that current year.  To date the maximum she has ever received is £20. Okay this is better than nothing. But when you think about how much money she has spent during the year, this really is not a great amount of money.

Prior to moving, I did use Co-op quite a bit, and I also purchased their white goods. For spending over £500 I only received £2 back. So personally for me I would prefer to spend my money at the supermarket that I will earn the greater reward.

Loyalty reward cards that are worth having

There are several different loyalty rewards cards that I like to use. They do not all benefit me and reward me as an individual, they also benefit charities of my choice.

Marks and Spencers loyalty reward card

Marks and Spencer have a good reward scheme. Not only can you earn higher rewards the more you spend, the part I like the most is the donation of SHWOP sparks to charity of you choice. You can earn sparks online or in store and for every £1 you spend you receive 1 spark. 

Each time you shop at M&S, leave a review your chosen charity can receive between 10 – 25 sparks. An additional 50 sparks can be earned if you take in your old clothes.  They are donated to Oxfam, but you earn 50 sparks.

Tescos clubcard loyalty reward card

For every £1 your spend you receive 1 clubcard point. 1 clubcard point equals 1p. If you bank with Tescos, have their credit card you can double up on clubcard points if you shop in store or online. This is a great way to quickly build up your clubcard value. Although be aware they are not all spend £1 and earn 1 clubcard point.

Clubcard points can also be used to offset against your Tescos mobile. Which is a great way to reduce monthly outgoing bills.

Tescos Clubcard can be earned Esso garages, so you are not restricted to just using Tescos Fuel. But the points you receive are not as great, £3 for 1 clubcard point. At a tescos garage £2 your receive 1 clubcard point.

Additional points can be earned by completing surveys which are very quick and easy.

The main bonus for me is being able to exchange vouchers towards day trips or weekends away. Which is great if you have children, as they offer a booster to increase your voucher value depending on the offer available.

Sainsbury's Nectar Points

I don’t shop at saisburys but I do like their nectar points. Mainly because I earn nectar points when I shop on Ebay. I save these points for a year and use these to purchase some of my christmas presents, mainly stocking fillers. 

Another bonus is Argos, you can earn points here also. Which is great because they have some really good offers on toys for christmas, and white goods. You can also use your nectar points at Halfords for Debenhams.

You don’t really get much for your nectar points, for example for 500 points you will only earn £2.50. But I do not mind this I only really use them on Ebay.

The Works reward program

The Works is a great shop to purchase stationary, crafty things for your kids and reading books at really good value. When you have a child and want to encourage them to read, or buy educational books their loyalty reward card is brilliant. 

You earn 1 point for each £1 you spend, whether this is online or in store. I spend quite a bit at The Works because they have a really good discount offer online. They do vary from either 10% to 25% discount for online purchases. So I can earn points to redeem for education books for my son Nick, plus receive really good discounts

Morrisons More Than loyalty reward card

I do shop at Morrisons, but I use my more than card mainly for fuel. When Morrisions first started their reward system, it was brilliant and you could very quickly boost your points with the additional points they would give you for items. Sadly they changed this, you only receive 1 more point for £1 you spend.

You can still receive additional more points when you purchase certain items, but you do have to hunt for them. They are displayed more clearer online than in store. Plus if you do not browse in store you will miss them. 


During the past few years I have become less loyal to supermarkets, fuel garages because they change their loyalty rewards points systems. At first, you feel that you are having that great reward for returning your loyalty. Gradual changes are implemented which results in you receiving less of a reward.

With the gradual increase in grocery shopping, I have chosen to shop around more. The benefits for me, is that I save on my shopping at point of sale.  Not having to wait until my points reach a certain level before I can redeem them and turn them into cash.

It is everybody’s personal preference as to how and where they choose to shop. For me personally when I see an item that I have been purchasing on a regular basis, increase by 20p to 50p I started to question why I am continuing to shop there. 

Plus I also noticed that the cheaper brands were gradually decreasing. So I have moved to where the cheaper brands are sold that are good quality. I have found that I am more grocery savvy with retailer and the type of products  I purchase, rather than the ease of shopping at one particular store for everything

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