Earn money using free adverts for affiliate marketing

Earn money affiliate marketing

You can earn money using free adverts for affiliate marketing. We made over £500 pounds without spending a penny in just two months.  But you do have to be selective in what you want to market.

Why MGB used free adverts to promote affiliate marketing

The aim of MBG is to test ways to earn additional money without spending anything or large amounts of money. We decided to test promoting affiliate marketing on free adverts.

MGB have researched many different ways to earn money and there are many people that promote earning money by affiliate marketing on free adverts. They state how they make money overnight promoting how easy it is to earn over £100 commission in a day.

MGB motto is Trying what we promote. So we decided to follow several You Tubers and test their strategies.

It is important you believe in the product you promote as an affiliate marketer

believe in your products

Before we tell you how we made £500 we want to stress to you how important it is that you believe in the product or service that you are promoting. If you do not believe in your product,  this will show via your adverts. 

You do not want to be promoting a product that is rubbish and is not going to benefit anybody, as it will be refunded at some point. All of your hard work will have gone to waste.

So be honest and promote what you believe in and you will make money via free advertising platforms. Even if the amount is small you can use this to upscale your affiliate marketing process at a later date.

You do not need a website to start affiliate marketing

Although we have our website we did not use MGB as a base to make our affiliate commissions.  Not everybody wants to create a website, and build content to enable them to promote their selected affiliate products. 

So MGB decided we would try to promote products and services that were not associated with our website. To prove that it can be done, but we did keep with a niche that was important to us and what we believed in.

Promoting affiliate marketing products on free advert platforms

promoting affiliate products with free adverts

Choosing and promoting affiliate marketing products on a free adverts is hard work, as you are competing against other advertisers that are paying for advertising for similar products. Other promoters will also be experienced, but do not worry, as we all have to start somewhere.

Don’t let other promoters put you off aiming for extra income, as trust us, you will feel such an achievement with just earning that one sale. Which will also make you hungry for more.

Affiliate marketing companies you can register with

There are many affiliate marketing companies that you can register with to promote products or services.

MGB registered with Clickbank, which is an American affiliate marketing platform. There are hundreds of different products or courses you can promote. It is very easy to use and search your products, plus it is ideal for beginners.

We decided we would promote training, as we are a great believers in learning new skills. Not only did we promote Clickbank training courses, MGB promoted training for  a UK based company that offers free taster training days.

Free platforms we tested for affiliate marketing

7 free platforms for affiliate marketing

We tested 7 different free platforms to promote our chosen products and courses.

These platforms were:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Eventbrite
  • Facebook
  • The Free Ad Forum
  • All Events In
  • Pinterest

As you can see they are all very different platforms, we have tested everyday social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest to more selective advertising platforms.

We tested affiliate marketing without setting up email automation

When you research affiliate marketing it is stressed that you need to collect email addresses as this will be how your money can be earnt in the future.

Although it is important to collect this information for future affiliate marketing campaigns this was not an option for us at this moment in time. Our aim was to keep to minimal costs. Although there is email funnel / automation software available that is free, we wanted to keep everything simple.

Affiliate marketing for a company that has their own follow up email systems

Eventbrite and All Events In allows you to collect contact details of customers. So if you are promoting webinars or live events, you can advertise on these two platforms. This allows you to promote directly to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and all you need to do is create tracking links via these two free advertising platforms and use these on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Every time you receive an order for an event the link leads them directly back to Eventbrite or All Events In. 

Not only did this allow us to track the number of bookings we were also able to note the personal details of the customer. Both Eventbrite and All Events In enabled us to promote additional up and coming events to subscribed people.

Programmes you will need for affiliate marketing

canva template examples

You will need to subscribe to a couple of different online software programmes, but good news they are free. You will need these two programs to find images and design adverts to promote on social media.

Pixabay is an online gallery of photo images, illustrations that you can download for free. Although you will not always find what images you need, and it can be a bit frustrating.

Canva is an amazing design package that is free and has different templates for Facebook, Twitter and many other social media platforms.  You can also adjust dimensions to your specific requirements. There are many fonts, shapes that you can use for free.  Click here to register with Canva for free today.

These two online software programs will help you to start your journey as an affiliate marketer.

Subscribe to link generator

If you are advertising on free social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Free Ad Form you need to reduce your referral link in size. Subscribe to Bitly.com, you can generate as many links as you want for free.

When you name the link make sure that you state the following:

  • Name of product/training
  • How you are marketing eg Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Date if a specific event

It is very important to track where your leads are coming from, as you do not want to put all of your effort into one social media platform and not receive any potential sales. Monitor where your leads come from carefully.

Next stage of affiliate marketing on free social media platforms

Once you have registered for your free software, selected your niche, the next stage is to start your affiliate marketing strategy on social media.

Select the social media platform that is suitable for your product or course you want to sell.


  • Audience type
  • Can you add affiliate links easily?
  • Can you engage audiences easily or do you need to do a lot of networking to gain one click?
  • Do you have sufficient space to explain your product?
  • Do you want to collect email addresses?
  • Is there a free giveaway, what is the best platform to give these freebies away?
  • If Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram have you researched your hashtags?
  • Do  you want to create an individual page on Instagram, giving you more product authorisation?
  • Can you join or create a Facebook group for this product and create a following prior to advertising your product?

Do not spam your audience to gain a sale

spamming customers

A lot of people will disagree with me here, but we do not believe in spamming people. This only annoys people, it will give you a bad reputation and can get you banned from certain groups.

Many people will find a feed and then just post their affiliate links to the social media feed that leads directly to the sales page. They will not write anything else. For us this is a waste of time and energy.  

Allow people to have faith in you and engage them, don’t just place your link.  This relates to Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. It is really annoying when you have lots of private messages sent to you just giving you a link to an affiliate page. 

There are many people that will tell you to do this, but all that will happen is that you will get blocked. 

Create a good advert that you can place on social media, and engage with people. Just don’t spam people, it is not worth it.

Always ask a question when you are writing your advert for affiliate marketing

Whatever you are trying to sell, ask yourself several questions as this will help you write your advert.

  • What problem is this solving
  • Why would people want this
  • What it the outcome

We have also been told that if you ask a question at the start of the advert then you will be encouraging your future customer to think before they read further. 

Future customers may have clicked your link because they are looking for something specific, but by asking them questions you are giving them an extra nudge in the right direction.

Checklist for placing your affiliate marketing advert

It is important to have everything prepared before you place your advert.

So you have checked:

  • Confirmed the free social media platform you will advertise on (can be more then one)
  • Confirmed you keywords
  • Created your banner
  • Created a catching headline to get people’s attention
  • Drafted out your advert
  • Confirmed that you can legally advertise on these platforms by reading the T & C especially if this is for Clickbank)
  • Created a Disclaimer stating it is an affiliate link included

Once you have confirmed all of this then you just need to place your advert and monitor. You may need to tweak it a bit if you feel that it is not working for you, do not give up as it will not happen overnight. 

This is the start of your journey and don’t allow yourself to become demotivated.

Covid-19 has affected our affiliating marketing

Since 23rd March 2020, our affiliate marketing strategy has been affected due to Covid-19.  Although we promoted free webinars via Clickbank, our main income was via live events held in the UK.

The conversion was much higher for attendance and sales. We have faith in our marketing strategies and the training we were promoting. This is because we have attended the training events to assess if people would gain knowledge from them, before we became a promoter for them.

We do still promote for the same company as their training is very good, but it is for webinars. Webinars are very hard to get people to attend, plus I personally like face to face contact If I am going to spend large amounts of money.


The journey we have taken to promote affiliate marketing by free social media platforms has not been easy. It has been very frustrating at times, especially since the Covid-19 lockdown. 

Although we have found this frustrating, we are glad that we started this journey in this way. Using free social media platforms has taught us that you do not need to spend hundreds of pounds to earn additional income. It does involve a lot of work and also learning the different ways to promote your products.  

It is important that you research all different types of social media platforms, how you can advertise on them as they are all different. Explore and find what suits you best.

We have had some failures and have had to adjust our strategies as we have taken this journey, but we do recommend that you try. If you are serious about creating an additional income for yourself and family then start here first. Build up to spending money on advertising once you have gained the experience and knowledge.

Understand how affiliate marketing works and how to promote products that you believe in, don’t just try to push any product that you would not purchase or attend yourself.  It is very important that you provide a service or solve a problem for somebody in order to succeed.

Useful links for you to start your affiliate marketing journey

  • Clickbank is free to join and ideal for beginners – Click here to register
  • Digistore24 – free to join, but you do need some experience to be able to create you sales funnels. This is a new site, and more products are being added daily.
  • Amazon Associates – Very low commissions but large amount of product selection. Ideal for You Tube, and if you have a online shop set up. Here are the rates breakdown for affiliate sales commissions.
  • Register with Canva free today

Follow us on Facebook as our next  article is Solo Adverts, Events for Affiliates and E-Commerce as an example, increasing followers, likes, comments on Instagram. We will continue testing and reviewing various avenues over the next few months. We would love you to follow us and tell us how you have got on. Has the system of free advertising worked for you?

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