Family fun day traditional air rifle shooting with 1642 Field Sports

family fun air rifle shooting

Today we had our first family outing after lock down and it was like a trip down memory lane for me. We decided to go air rifle shooting with 1642 Field Sports. It was great to see how Nick enjoyed and took to air rifle shooting and enjoyed it as much as I did when I was younger.

Nick had visited the weekend before with his Dad and was very eager to return and attempt to beat his previous score. Plus explain to me how everything worked.

Where is 1642 Field Sports?

family fun air rifle shooting at sacrewell farm

1642 Field Sports is tucked away in a secluded corner at Sacrewell Farm, Peterborough wish is just on the outskirts of Peterborough off the A47. Strangely It is not advertised on Sacrewell Farms website, so unless you visit the farm or hear by word of mouth you would never know it was there. It’s a real shame as it would bring more visitors to Sacrewell Farm if they advertised.

First impressions

family fun air rifle shooting at sacrewell farm

I was not sure what to expect, but I was very impressed with the layout of facilities and how professional and friendly the staff were. I was shocked that this little gold mine of fun was tucked away unheard off.  

Both Nick and I were very excited to go and find out more.

Safety first for everybody including spectators

When we first arrived we sat in a cordoned off area waiting for our turn. Nick was going to try the shooting first, and then my Mum, Nick and me planned to try the archery.

Before Nick started his air rifle session he was provided with full safety instructions. This all takes place in a hut that has been sectioned off for social distancing purposes.

The Safety First rules:

  • Handling of air guns – Only handling guns within designated boxes, and only aiming towards targets.
  • Loading pellets and safety catch
  • Safety barriers
  • Safety goggles
  • General public is not allowed into field of fire
  • No cross firing across other firing ranges
  • Stop shooting and shout ‘stop’ if there are any wildlife or persons in firing range

Even though Nick was the only one who would be shooting, both Mum and I were allowed to enter the area because Nick was a child.  You do still have to be aware of the safety aspects plus wear goggles even if you are a spectator only.

The fun begins

Nicks started with the sniper air rifle, and he loved it, as he has always wanted to have a go with a sniper air rifle. There are metal silhouettes of rabbits, birds, and other assortment of animals hidden within the grounds.

I think at this point the staff realised that I was as excited as Nick, plus they recognised him from the prior weekend. This was appreciated and gave a more personalised touch. They handed me 15 pellets to try the air rifle as well. I have to say, being offered the opportunity to try really did impress me as it showed that 1642 Field Sports were not all about money – they wanted people to enjoy  the experience.  The opportunity to try air rifle shooting made me feel a part of Nick’s day out more too.

Adjustable air rifle sniper scope

air rifle adjustable scope

The view of your air rifle scope is amazing, although it does have some kickback when fired so you do not want your eye flush to the adjustable scope viewer. The sniper air rifle is not really that heavy for an adult, although when you shoot you do want to use the support as this will help you to keep your air rifle steady.

Loading your sniper air rifle

loading pellet to air rifle

Loading the sniper for Nick was hard, and he did need help. I struggled with mine, but once I got the hang of it it was easier. They are hard to load as you have to pull the barrel back until it clicks into place, and they are tough.  I found it easier by supporting the handle against my leg and gripping the end of the barrel,  pulling the barrel down slowly until it locked into place.

The pellet is then loaded with the rounded end first. The barrel is then straightened and snapped back into place.  By the end of the 15 shots I was struggling, due to the reloading of the rifle.  Nick was fine as he had help from the instructor.

Time for fun with the air pistol

After the snipers we moved onto the air pistols. Nick mastered this very quickly and I was very impressed with him. He used the support to help steady his pistol and aimed at the red targets, before moving onto the black ones. This gave him time to test his aiming ready to start our family competition.

Loading the air pistols was very hard. Neither Nick or I were able to load them ourselves. Again the barrel has to be pulled back and locked into place. With help from the staff, locking the barrel in place for loading the pellets we could start our competition.

air pistol targets

Here are our target cards. To ‘up’ the game the instructor removed the targets and placed two wooden mini spoons for us to try and hit. Nick was literally  jumping  with excitement as he successfully hit both. I was a proud mum.instruc

More fun with the cowboy shotgun

NIck enjoyed the traditional cowboy air rifle the most. I think it was mainly because the pellets were inside of shotgun shells, and you can load more than one shell at a time. He cocked the traditional rifle with the lever which expelled the used cartridges shells. To see them expelled from the shotgun each time gave a realistic feel to the session.

Time for all of us to have fun with archery

archery for adults

Archery was hard too, and I never hit one target. Mum enjoyed it and seemed to get the hang of it really quickly. Both she and Nick successfully hit the target.   Mum and I used the adult bow and Nick used the kids. I stuck with the grown up equipment, but Mum swapped to the kids bow set.

Nick shot all of his arrows and hit every target appearing quite the natural. Although he did prefer using the rifles. I constantly missed the target and struggled. My arrows either fell to the ground in front of me  or landed just short of the target.

Archery is really difficult, and strength is required to pull the string back, keep your arm straight and steady. Not only that you have to aim up.  Archery  was not for Mum and I, although she did better when she changed to the kids bow.

I think next time we will give the slingshot a go!

Reasonable pricing

We paid £25 for two hours of fun, together with being given free time on the air rifle and pistol range. We paid £10 for Nick’s pellets but he received a lot more free. Plus £15 for the three of us to have a go of archery. 

For each activity you are given 15 pellets, shots for the slingshot or 15 arrows for archery. They cost £5 each. 

This also included full tuition with a qualified instructor and they are with you all of the time. The help and advice they provided was outstanding.

Buy your tickets in advance

You can pay on the day, especially if you have purchased tickets to Sacrewell Farm itself. They do accept cash and credit cards. If you are wanting to book for larger groups contact them directly via their website 1642 Field Sports

Alternatively, buy a ticket online for 1642 Field Sports for say air rifle shooting, and you have free access to Sacrewell Farm.

As mentioned previously, I was not aware of the company’s name so I had not purchased tickets in advance . I thought you had to purchase tickets to enter Sacrewell Farm and then pay for your air rifle activity. So I paid £18 for Sacrewell Farm plus additional costs for the pellets. 


Personally I thought it was expensive so I was so pleased when the instructor from 1642 Field Sports arranged for this to be refunded. Basically they realised we were there to only visit Sacrewell Farm and this was a spur of the moment booking to visit them. 

So the £18 refund is going towards another session at 1642 Field Sports later this year.

Loyalty card benefits with 1642 Field Sports

loyalty reward card

They do not have a membership program but they do offer a loyalty card scheme. This is ideal because you have the card stamped each time you purchase an activity over £10.

  • Free session for 10 stamps (1 hour session)
  • 50% discount after 5 stamps are collected

The above can only be used for one person activity, and cannot be split. You can gift your card but the card holder must place the activity order.

Up and coming activities

I am so excited about this as at a later date 1642 Field Sports will be extending the activities available. These will be knife and axe throwing. As soon as these are available  I shall be booking a spot  as it does sound fun.  

Although these have an age restriction of 18 so Nick will not be able to try. I am sure Nick will not mind if he can carry on with the air rifle practice.

Ideal for corporate or team building events

1642 Field Sports activities are brilliant for work events, not just for family fun. So it is ideal for corporate events or team building activities. The teams are given different challenges and have the option to select different themes such as special agent or cowboys. 


We had a complete blast today, and I was not expecting to have the opportunity to try activities myself and I loved every single moment. So as you can see, 1642 Field Sports is for children and adults.

I will recommend 1642 Field Sports to anybody.. You will have a fantastic time. Not only will you be captivated trying to hit your targets, the competitive side of you will kick in. Above all, the friendliness of staff, and their love of what the business is about, the helpfulness, the making your experience a memorable one, shines through and makes you want to return again and again. They all made it a truly wonderful morning for us.

I  expected  to be their half an hour maximum because of the number of pellets you get for the price, nor did I expect to join in. Instead we stayed for over two hours, having a laugh with staff who in turn gave valuable guidance.. 

The fun we had is definitely worth the £25 we spent. It is something different to do with your family. My Mum is 78 years old, and she tried archery and really enjoyed it. But she wants to return with us and try the air rifles.

This is not only for families, it would be a good morning out with friends. We will be back very soon, although Nick is asking to go next weekend, which I think we might. But this time I will book directly via their website.

If you want to book you morning of family fun, book here: 1642 Field Sports.

Written by Anita

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