Free Kindle Books

Free Kindle Books

Romantic Humour

Do you like to find new authors books to read without having to pay?

I do, as it provides the opportunity to decide if you enjoy their style of writing, and if there is a new series that is worth buying.

Compiled below is a list of free kindle downloads, from new or older published authors.

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Going Down & Man Candy by Elise Sax

Two short stories that are quick and fund to read. They will make you laugh with the one liners, cringe, light hearted romance novel

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The Substitute By Denise Grover

Megan has not told her parents she has broken off her engagement, and finds herself travelling home after two months for her wedding.  Meeting of Josh during the flight home, both hoping to help each other out of their situations

Humours laugh out load

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Always You by Elizabeth Grey

Short story based in London, around the world of Agency kick ass career woman. Ethan works with is best friend Violet, who he is madly in love with but scared to ruin the friendship they have. Romantic laugh out loud comedy between two people and unspoken love.

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Sunshine at the Comfort Food & Cafe

Returning sequel, based in Dorset where Willow works in the Comfort Food Cafe. She meets a handsome man who she met many years ago. Will Willow life be turned upside down by this handsome man and will there be a happy ending?

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A fresh Start in Holly Blue Sky by Cathy Blossom

Daisy Clarke is tasked to increase visitor numbers to Holly Blue Bay. She meets Jacob the grumpy handyman who she originally thinks is a stripper. Jacob is set against Daisy helping the small town, mainly because she is a outside. They gradually drawn to each other and love begins to grow. How will this love continue when there is a disaster and Daisy has to decide if she wants to leave Holly Blue Bay.

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