Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bites Recipe

Healthy Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bite recipe is an amazing dessert for those hot summer days. Fun to make with kids, but sadly they are not enjoyable to eat.

What are healthy Fruity Frozen Yogurt bites?

Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bites

Healthy fruity frozen yogurt bites are frozen in small silicone cake moulds filled with a mixture of low fat yogurt and fruit, either fresh or frozen. They are then frozen until ready to eat.

You can use any fruit, but make sure the fruit you select is suitable for freezing.

Why use silicone moulds?

Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bikes silicone moulds

At first the idea was to use just normal small paper cake cases, but when you remove the fruity frozen bites from the freezer they are hard to demould. There is nothing worse than taking a bite out of something and eating a section of the case.

Using silicone moulds allows you to remove the fruity frozen bites easily, without worrying about handling them further to inspect for stuck paper casing.  

Silicone moulds are easy to clean, flexible and if they do start to melt on those hot summer days, you are not left with a soggy mess.

Healthy Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bite recipe preparation time

The maximum preparation time for healthy fruity frozen yogurt bits is about 10 minutes. They are that simple to make.

Lay out approximately 12 moulds onto a baking tray.  The recipe advises that the tray size fits into your freezer.

Ingredients for Frozen Fruity Yogurt Bites recipe

Fruit Frozen Yogurt Bites fruit selection

All you need are two or three ingredients to make you fruity frozen bites. There is no set amount of ingredients and you can make as many or few as you want.

  • Low fat yogurt – natural or Greek or any of your choice
  • Various chopped fruit – ideally fresh fruit

It is your choice but you can add organic honey, but only a dash to each mould as it will increase the sweetness. This can be a bit overpowering especially if you do not have a sweet tooth, and you are using naturally sweet fruit.

How to make Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bites

Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bites recipe

To make Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bites you will need approximately 12 small silicone moulds. Although this is optional, as you can make as many or few as you want to.  

Make sure you lay these onto a tray that fits easily into your freezer.

  • Spoon your yogurt into your silicon moulds until they are approximately ½ to ¾  full
  • Place you chopped fruit onto the top of the moulds
  • Freeze for approximately 2 hours

Not just for your garden

Not only can you have fruity frozen yogurt bites whilst lazing in your garden, you can also use these as cereal toppers. Just take one out of your freezer that you have prepared earlier.

They can also be taken to work, kids lunches or even for a picnic, all you need is a leak-proof pot as they will melt quickly.  Don’t forget to include a spoon.

Have fun making with your kids

Kids love to cook, as it allows them to spend time with a family member, have fun and be creative.  Children can use their creativity by creating patterns or faces with fruit. 

Plus making fruity frozen yogurt bites encourages kids to read the recipe and follow instructions or guidance from a family member. Not only is this a quick and easy recipe for kids, so they will not get bored quickly it encourages them to move away from electronic devices and do something different.

Why will we not make Fruit Frozen Yogurt Bites again?

Even though Fruity Frozen Bites look amazing and are so quick and easy to make, we were disappointed.  Once the Frozen Fruity Bites are frozen they are difficult to nibble, as they remain quite icy. So you do need to allow them to defrost a bit. But not too much otherwise you end up with a frozen mess really which is very watery.

We do not recommend that you use Kiwi which is a fruit we love, as once defrosted it develops a twang, and is not as tasty to eat. That is why you need to be certain that the fruit you add to bites is suitable for freezing and does not alter the taste

It is very hard to get the balance correct, with fruit and yogurt. 

We love to try new recipes, but for us this was a failure but fun to make. (think best to mix in a jar and refrigerate instead) Deciding that if we want fruit and yogurt we will not freeze them before eating, so this does defeat the object of Fruity Frozen Bite recipe.

I recommend visiting Kidspot as the author has some great recipes featured and you never know, you may fare better with Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bites than we did.


We at Mum Goes Barmie would like to acknowledge the following  

Recipe credit:  Kidspot offer a PDF download of this recipe too.

Photography credit:  Lesley @ Food Bomb Kitchen

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