How much can you save changing to LED bulbs

75& saving on energy bills

A typical home spends 50% of their income on energy costs. Changing to LED bulbs can save you up to 75% less in energy consumption, than normal everyday bulbs.

Simple ways you can control your lighting

There are several everyday changes you can make to reduce your lighting energy consumption. This is without even changing your bulbs to LED.

  • Turn your lights off, even if for a short period of time.
  • Exchange your normal bulbs to LED.
  • Use light sensors for external lighting.
  • Ask yourself if you need all of the lights on in your room.
  • Install Indoor sensors so lights turn off automatically when nobody is present.

Types of low energy bulbs available

There are two types of energy saving light bulbs available. These are Light Emitting Diodes (LEDS) and Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFL).

CFL bulbs use 25% less energy than normal everyday bulbs. But LED bulbs use 75% less energy. So with this in mind, if you are going to replace your everyday bulbs, change them to LED.

How much can you save per bulb

It is easy to work out the cost of your light bulb and how much you can save by swapping to LED.

This calculation is based on 1 light bulb only for 4 hours per day and an average of 30 days per month.

How to work out the energy cost of normal everyday bulbs

Watt of normal bulb 80Watt / 1000 = 0.08 Watt 

Number of hours usage

Number of hours x number of days 4 x 30 = 9.60 kWh

Unit cost per kWh  0.14 x 9.60 kWh = £1.34 cost per month

How to work out the energy cost of LED bulbs

Watt of normal bulb 16Watt / 1000 = 0.016 Watt 

Number of hours usage

Number of hours x number of days 4 x 30 = 1.92 kWh

Unit cost per kWh  0.14 x 1.92 kWh = £0.27 cost per month

As you can see there is a massive difference in the cost of normal everyday bulbs to LED bulbs.

If you do not want to work out how much your bulbs are costing you per year in comparison to LED bulbs, have a look at the website Energy light bulbs. They have a calculator that will automatically calculate your savings. All you will need is your Watts, number of hours used and also how many you have in your home.

Remember you will need to consider the various types of bulbs you may have and the location of them. So you may need to complete several different calculations.

Cost of replacing normal bulbs to LED

Philips energy saving bulbs

It can be costly replacing all of your light bulbs to more energy efficient LED bulbs. I normally purchase Philips LED bulbs as I have found they last 15,000 hours, and do not break easily. Plus if you purchase in bulk they are cheaper.

Amazon at the moment have these on offer for £11.99 for 6 bulbs. These are 60W and warm white. With purchasing in bulk, the unit costs of each bulb is £1.99. These are available in bayonet and screw fitting, plus other watts. For different watts the price does vary.

Although considering the cost of replacing each bulb can be a bit daunting, you do need to consider these energy saving bulbs as an investment. Normal bulbs will only last approximately 2000 hours compared to an energy saving bulb of 15,000 hours.

How to understand brightness and watts between LED and normal bulbs

Normal Bulbs

40 W

60 W

75 W


LED Watts

6 – 7 W

7 – 10 W

12 – 13 W

14 – 20 W


400 – 500

650 – 850

1000 – 1400

1450 – 1700

Warmth of your bulbs in your home

This may seem silly but colours can affect how warm you feel. A lot of people are visual and it is psychological  to interpret colours to your feelings and how content you may feel..

For instance, having a harsh white bulb can make you feel cold. The same a blue can make you feel cold. When you feel cold you will automatically turn the heating up in your home. So even if you have replaced your light bulbs to more energy efficient bulbs, you will not really save money.

Consider changing your bulb colours to warm white. This will remove the harshness and also aid in making you feel warm.

Reduce the cost of your kitchen lighting

under cabinet led lights

My kitchen is the main room in my home, I call it the hub of my home. Mainly because every time I have visitors we always spend hours sitting at my dining table talking.

I have a normal pendant lighting which has Energy saving bulbs, but I also have a ceiling spotlight. Even though this is energy efficient, I wanted to reduce the costs more. So I purchased LED strip lighting set for underneath my kitchen cupboards. 

The feeling of lighting is important and with the LED under cabinet lighting, this provides a nice cosy feeling as well as reducing costs. Purchasing a kit, allowed me to install myself, and not have to pay additional costs of employing an electrician. This has saved me money and created an extra special feeling in my kitchen.

The LED under the cabinet kit is ideal if you want a warm lighting, and dimmable switch all for £16.99. This does depend on the length of lighting you will need. Plus you will also need to have free electrical sockets available.


Everybody wants to reduce the cost of everyday living. We often find that we concentrate more on reducing grocery bills and sometimes not consider other costs. Although we use site comparison sites to ensure that we find the best deal in energy cost. We do not always look at other ways to reduce costs. Such as ensuring that all of our light bulbs are energy efficient.

Although it may take on average 2 years to cover the costs of the purchase of energy efficient bulbs, it is worth investment. It is easier not to worry about these things and just take it as an expense that we have to pay. But it is important that you look at cost reduction all around your home. 

Don’t think that the energy efficient bulbs are just for normal fittings, you can purchase for sunken light bulbs also. Also consider installation motion sensor light bulbs. These can be connected to your hive system and also Alexa. It is surprising how much you can save when bulbs turn on and off when you are not present in a room. 

Plus it does stop me nagging my son to turn the lights off. I no longer have to worry about mainly the bathroom light being left on all day, which has often been the case in the past.

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