How deter cats from coming into your garden and fouling

Review for 3 piece metal scarers as cat deterrent - do they work?


Keeping cats out of your garden because they foul can be difficult.  And of course, if you have cats the question is, are the metal cat scarers the better option rather than the ultrasonic version? We purchased, tested and reviewed the three piece set.

The 3 piece metal silhouette cat scarer is a cost effective product to purchase. A set is cheaper than the battery operated sonic deterrents and also appealing as a garden feature. 

With regards to reviews, I have read both positive and negative about the productivity of the deterrent.  

Marketing promises action in deterring felines from fouling on your lawn, allotment, courtyard, gardens and flowerbeds.

Admittedly the product is good quality and extremely lifelike. But do they perform as advertised and deter uninvited felines into the garden?

Description of the Cat Scarers

Review Lifelike cat deterrent to protect lawns, gardens , vegetable plots, flowerbeds
Review - The metal black cat deterrent has reflective glass eyes to frighten unwanted cats

The black lifelike cat scarers can be purchased individually but most commonly available as a 3 piece set.  Prices do vary between Amazon, eBay and websites but our research and opinion is they are all the same product – perhaps mass manufactured.

  • Size for the sitting cat: 31cm x 18cm
  • Size for the stalking cat: 17cm x 36cm
  • Size for the scared cat: 21cm x 30cm
  • Lightweight
  • Green glass reflective eyes
  • Hanging hook for each
  • Triangle spike for each
  • Solar or battery power not required
  • You can re-position each cat in alternative locations
  • Weatherproof metal
  • Cat shape in various position (sat, stalking, warning)

What are the Pros and Cons of this product?

Review: tested and review metal cat scarers

The product is simple to assemble.  To hang, simply use the hook and loop through the provided key hole located at the top of each cat.  You can then hang from a tree or a fence. If inserting into the ground, then match the  holes in the triangle spike with the holes on the cat and screw together. Fittings are supplied. It is quick and easy to assemble.  And I was surprised to find tall holes lined up.


  • Easy assemble
  • Easy to install outside
  • Optional use for ground level or above
  • Weatherproof
  • A cat initially reacts to the cat shape
  • Large prominent eyes 
  • Low cost garden feature
  • Harmless to cats (ie chemical free)


  • A creal at ignores the artificial cat after initial sight of  it
  • The eyes do not reflect green at night
  • The product does not scare cats

Let’s compare and contrast against the Pestbye Ultrasonic Repeller

We have also reviewed the Pestbye Ultrasonic device and are currently using this product both on ground level and attached to a tree.  You can read our review here.


  • Choice of using the keyloop to fix to a wall or tree or ground spike
  • Adjustable frequency level 
  • Doesn’t frighten the birds
  • PIR sensor has adjustable levels depending on animal, rodent, insect
  • Repeller for cats, dogs, rodents, insects, foxes and squirrel
  • Unable to detect movement through walls or fence 
  • Weatherproof


  • One is unsuitable for large gardens
  • Concern about water entering the back of the device
  • Children may hear the high pitched sonic sensor 
  • May cause issues with a neighbour if gardens are without a boundary and they have an animal as the sensor will pick up their movement. 
  • Activates with any movement so the battery will deplete quickly

Who would the cat scarers suit?

Review for cat metal cat scarer deterrent - do they work?

If the product was effective, it would suit owners of gardens, courtyards and an allotment.  And of course, it is a low cost and humane ‘deterrent’.  But sadly, having tested the product, we found it to be ineffective.  

I asked a buyer for their response to the cat scarer set.  She replied: “Absolute rubbish.”

However, if you love cats and are searching for a low cost garden or plant pot feature, the three piece set is ideal. 


Review How to stop cat fouling on your lawn, flowerbed, gardens, allotment

If I had paid over £15 for the cat scarers I would have been so very disappointed.  They do not function as they should. Those that have experienced success … well … I am surprised if I am honest.

And here’s another thought. Surely if a cat realises the other ‘cat’ is not reacting then they stop being alarmed  by it.  That means the product has failed, surely? 

The neighbourhood cat that fouled in my garden hid behind a plant watching one of the lookalike cat shapes.  When he seemed to realise it was not a threat, he sprayed over it instead. 

Marketing material on listings (see above but as daytime) is deceptive as it shows powerful green eyes shining bright at night – they do not and I assume whoever created the image used Photoshop. 

I have been outside at night to witness these reflective eyes – I could not find the cat scarers in the dark.  So my query is: If reflective, how do they reflect in the dark? Is it something only a cat ‘sees’ in the glass eyes that we cannot? 

For me personally, I am a cat lover, so I use all three as a feature in the garden. One sits in a pot and the other two in the ground.  I was lucky in that I was given a partial refund too.   As a garden feature, if you pay around £10, than that is a bargain.   

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Written by Lesley

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