How to make money with cashback sites


Money Cashback is a  very simple and easy to use. All you do is purchase via links on their website.  Yes, you can earn £100s if you are a savvy shopper.

Is it true that you can earn over £100 per month?

There are many sites telling you that you can earn £100 per month. This is true if you buy everything online. But personally, I had absolutely no idea how people manage to do this. Many of the money cashback sites I tested, I gave up.  They were not producing the outcome that was promised.

What is a Money Cashback site?

Anything that you purchase online and sometimes in store purchases you can earn commission. This is normally a percentage of how much you have spend. Occasionally you may find that you are offered a set about of cash back for instance car insurance,.  You will normally find that there is a set commission of £40. 

You can earn additional commission for opening a new account or even purchasing a certain product such as beauty or electrical appliances.

How do you join a Money Cashback sites?

This is so simple, all you have to do is register with them. Your username is your email address and you will also need a secure password. They will send you a confirmation email, once you have confirmed your account off you go.

Do you need to pay a joining fee for Money Cashback Sites

The answer to this is no if  you only use a basic package. You can update and pay approximately £5.00 per year to upgrade to a premium account. This provides you with higher cash back commissions. I have paid a one off fee for Quidco, and within a month I had earned over this amount in cashback commissions. So for me this pay off paying the £5 fee.

What are the differences between Money Cashback sites

There is not really much difference between sites with how you use them. Some sites will allow you to register a card, which will earn you commission in certain stores when you purchase.  Other sites you can only earn a commission when you make purchases online.

Can you join more than one Money Cashback site?

Yes, join as many as you want. Just remember to use them, and check each one to see who has the best commission rates before you purchase. You will find not all cashback sites will have same commissions or the same companies to purchase from. 

I use all three sites, as I like to have the best cashback deal. For instance, purchase of  my pet food online. I checked all of the cashback rates on all three sites before I purchased. Mainly because some can only offer 1% on one site but another may offer 3%.

Rates of commissions are available

Commission can range from 1% to 15%, or a set fee will be given. They do vary depending on the store, but there are often flash sales and additional commissions can be earnt.

How do you use Money Cashback Sites?

Commision for online purchases

Just log into your account and search the store you want to purchase from. Confirm the different rates available and make sure your purchase will qualify. Click on the link and this will direct you to your chosen online store.

Once you have made your purchase and closed the tab on your pc, the cashback site will confirm they are tracking your purchase, via a pop up.

ClickSnap Money Cashback

Click snap cashback relates to grocery shopping. Stores such as Sainsbury, Waitrose, Tescos and Morrisons. Before you shop or when you are shopping check to see what is on offer and if you purchase you can earn commission. 

All you have to do is purchase the item and scan your receipt. You can receive an average of £1.00 per selected purchases.

High Street Money Cashback

At first, I have to admit I was a bit wary of trying this as I had to add my card details. I tested this first by confirming that there were no issues with withdrawing my funds. As if this had been the case I would not register my card.

This works by selecting the type of high street purchase you will make. For example, if there is a particular shop or restaurant you like to visit you click on the offer. This will be valid for up to 28 days. When you use your registered card this is tracked by Quidco and you will receive a commission.

For me, this is a no brainer as who loves to shop in a high street and have money given back to them. Especially if this is the same time as high street sales. Not only do you purchase at a low price you earn additional money with commissions. The commissions can range from 2% – 5%.

I have found that there is not a lot of selection for me personally, but I do find that the commissions on the restaurants are worthwhile

Can you view your tracked purchases?

Yes, normally your purchases will show in your tracked tab within a few minutes. You can also view the status and value of your tracked purchases. It is so easy.

I keep a close eye on the tracking, mainly to ensure that no commission is missed.  To date there has been no issues.

How long does it take to draw your money?

This is the part that does seem to take some time. Confirmation of your commissions can be  30-90 days. Yes this is a long time, but you need to understand that the relevant cashback sites need to confirm and receive their commissions from the online retailer before they will release the commissions to you.

There is no limit or hidden fees as to how much you draw from you cashback commission earned account.

How do Money Cashback Sites Pay?

There are several ways that you can be paid. Either by paypal or by vouchers. If you select paypal this will only be the actual money you have earned. By the time you log into your PayPal account the money will be ready to withdraw if you wanted to. It is so fast.

If you select vouchers then normally you will receive a top up on the value 10%. The top up value will vary per voucher type you select. It is worth checking out the vouchers first so that you can make your commissions go further. The voucher will be emailed to you, so make sure to check your spam email, just in case.

How to Make Money Cashback Work for You?

Consider your purchases carefully. Can you received continuous commission by signing up to contracts such as mobile, broadband using this site. You can receive regular commissions for contracts if available.

Book your holiday or travel, car or home insurance. But remember that with holidays you may not receive any commissions back until the holiday cancellation period has finished. So if you are purchasing a year in advance do not expect to receive your commissions within a few months.


If you love to buy online then you cannot miss out on this chance to earn additional money. View is as a continuous saving on all of you online purchase.

Money cashback sites have apps to download to your mobile, ipad or even log in via your work pc, so you can view from any location.

View them as a way of saving for Christmas, as this has honestly allowed me to save. If you have children I expect your will buy a majority of you Christmas present for them online. As trying to find that day to go christmas shopping for them is always hard.

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