Kids Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

kids smoothie breakfast bowl

Kids breakfast smoothie breakfast bowl is a quick and easy healthy option. Every parent  has issues with getting their child off Coco Pops, and other sugar-laden cereals.  But it can be hard work getting your child to eat differently and healthily, right?  

Ingredient quantities will vary depending on the size of the bowl you use and how much fruit you would like to add as topping. I used a 219g ramekin.   I also used soya milk but you may prefer whole milk.  Instead of sugar, consider blending a banana, especially if overripe as the sweetness will be more apparent.  

The Foodie Market brand at Aldi UK sells inexpensive chia seeds. This will cost £1.45 (Summer 2020 price) for a 200g bag. Because packed with nutrients some claim it is a superfood, whilst some experts claim chia seeds may help you lose weight.

How can I make breakfast fun so my child eats fruit?

How to make a healthy kids breakfast

The best way to make a healthy smoothie bowl is to make it fun and  involve yours kids. Especially when it comes to decorating the smoothie bowl with fruit of their choice. 

Kids Smoothie Bowl ingredients for one

5 a day fruit for a children's breakfast smoothie

You do not need many different ingredients for you smoothie bowl. 

  • 25g Oats 
  • Volume  of milk ½ of the bowl
  • 1 tsp of chia seeds optional
  • Fruit of your choice, removing any peel if preferred
  • Sunflower or pumpkin seeds optional
  • Sweetener as overripe banana

Appliances you will need to make your smoothie bowl.

Cookworks hand blender ideal for making smoothies

I purchased a Cookworks hand blender with accessories from Argos costing £19.99 (Summer 2020 price) and I love  it.  It is easy to assemble and clean after use too.

How to make a Kids Smoothie Bowl

Superfood chia seeds can be used as a thickening ingredient

Making your kids smoothie healthy breakfast is quick and easy.

  • Add the oats into the bowl of your choice
  • Add the milk and fold the oats into the liquid
  • Mix in the chia seeds. Leave in the fridge overnight to thicken
  • Next morning, add the mix to your blender jug
  • Add chopped banana and other fruits of your choice
  • Blend, blend, blend
  • When you are happy with the consistency, pour into the cleaned bowl
  • Now it’s time to decorate the top with more fruit, perhaps sunflower or pumpkin.  Your children could perhaps use cutters (supervised) to make hearts or make smiley faces from soft fruit to make it fun

What are the benefits of these ingredients?

  • Whole oats are rich in antioxidants and fibre
  • Strawberries contain vitamin C, B-9, iron, magnesium
  • Blueberries are good for skin health, and contain iron, manganese, zinc, vitamin K, calcium, and phosphorus
  • Chia seeds are good sources of a-linolenic acid (an omega-3 fatty acid), fibre, quality protein, high antioxidants, high in bone nutrients 
  • Soya milk contains potassium, vitamin A, B-12, D and calcium
  • Banana contain vitamin C, potassium, manganese
  • Pumpkin seeds  are high in fibre, high in antioxidants, magnesium

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