Making Healthy Homemade Crisps with Root Peelings

make root vegetable crisps

You can make healthy homemade crisps a entire potato or sweet potato with a spiralizer.

Potato and Sweet Potato Root Crisps ingredients for two.

Making crisps with root vegetables

The amount of potatoes you use depends on how many you are cooking for – one spiralized potato can produce a lot of crisps.  Remember to wash your root vegetables first.

  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 2 potato 
  • Baking tray
  • Foil or baking parchment
  • Fry Light or olive oil
  • Seasoning: paprika, sea salt, ground pepper

Appliance you will need to make the crisps.

Sliced root vegetables ready to bake as root crisps

I warn you, it is fiddly because of the irregular shape of the potato but hang in there.  I purchased my spirilizer from Tesco Outlet on eBay.  It cost me £12.99 (Summer 2018 price)

How to make Healthy Homemade Root Crisps

  • Line a baking tray with foil or baking parchment
  • Spray the surface with Fry Light or a dribble of olive oil
  • Peel each potato and store the peelings in the fridge to make root crisps
  • Use the spirilizer – the finished result will be a string of crisps
  • When you have finished, you will need to separate into crisp sections which admittedly is tedious. Lay on an unlined baking tray
  • Using kitchen roll, pat dry the crisps  to remove any moisture
  • Lay the dried crisps onto a lined baking tray but as one layer
  • Add more Fry Light or drizzle olive oil over the crisps
  • Space the crisps evenly on the tray and add seasoning of your choice 
  • Mix again and add more seasoning if desired
  • Space evenly on the tray and put on the middle shelf at 200 degrees Celsius. There is an option to microwave these and they do appear more crisp-like but as you need to cook as one layer, it takes forever
  • You must keep checking on these, Turn every ten minutes
  • Eat straight away whilst crunchy as if left they will soften

What are the benefits of potatoes?

  • Sweet potato are rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals
  • Potato contain lots of fibre

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Photography credit:

Lesley @foodbombkitchen on Instagram

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