Save money by storing your food correctly

savvy food hacks

Fed up with your food going stale really quickly and throwing it all away. Here are some simple hacks to help you store your everyday food and save money.

Best storage hack for your bread

I never realised that storing my bread in the fridge was making my bread go stale quicker. It is recommended that you store your bread in a cool dark dry place. This can either be a cupboard or a bread bin. 

Make sure that you clean your bin out on a regular basis to remove all mould spores. Plus always seal your bread well. This will delay the bread going stale quicker.

Storage of butter or spreads that will save you money

There is nothing worse than opening your spreads or butter and realising that they have gone off. Were you aware that you can store butter or spreads in the freezer?  Freezing your butters or spreads will save you money. No more needless throwing away. If you are not going to use it all within a set period, divide it into small chunks and store it in your freezer.

food freezing containers

Purchase some baby food freezer trays.  You can buy these containers cheaply from B&M, Aldi or even Poundland. All you need to do is remove the night before you want to use and defrost naturally.  Or you can easily use ice cube trays, ideally silicone ones.

How to store open cereals

If you buy large boxes of cereal but never finish them before they go stale. There are some simple hacks to keep cereal fresh.  Always keep them stored in the original boxes, but close securely with by folding or using food clips to seal the bags.

You can use storage containers, but I often find these to not keep it fresh. Often the lid does not close properly.

How to check to see if your eggs are fresh?

how to check if your eggs are fresh

It is important to check to see if your eggs are fresh.  You can check by simply filling a bowl with cold water and placing your egg inside

  • The egg sinks to the bottom and lays on its side, the egg is fresh and okay to eat. 
  • If the egg sinks to the bottom of the bowl but stands on one end, it is okay to eat but a few weeks old
  • Your egg floats to the top of the water level then the egg is not fresh and should not be eaten.

Eggs should always be stored in the fridge. We all have the special egg holder in our fridge, but if you store them in the original egg boxes they will keep longer.

Don’t throw your eggs away as soon as you hit that bet by date. You can still eat them a few days after, so long as you cook them through correctly.

Eggs can also be frozen, but you do need to cook them prior to freezing. If you do not want to freeze a whole egg, separate them and store them in freezer containers.

Storage of hard cheese

Cheese should be best stored in an airtight container. If you can keep the cheese in the original packaging, it may sweat.But if you do decide to keep  your cheese in the original packaging, make sure you seal it securely. 

You can also freeze cheese. It is best to grate and separate into portion sizes. Rather than storing as large slabs. You can then remove your cheese when required and not waste any.

What can you do when your honey crystallises

what to do if your honey is crystalised

You cannot freeze honey, but it should be kept in a well sealed jar in your fridge. When the honey has crystallized don’t throw it away. Place the jar in a warm bowl of water for about ten minutes. The honey will then revert back to its original state with no more crystals.

You can then either add for a topping to bread, pancakes or even store it back in your fridge for use later.

How to freshen up your lettuce

freshen your lettuce by adding to water

Lettuce cannot be frozen due to the water content, but  it is possible to keep lettuce fresher for longer. By sealing in a bag and placing it in kitchen tissue. This will keep the lettuce fresher for longer. 

If your lettuce goes limp, there is a simple way to revive it. Place in a bowl of cold water and put it back into the fridge. It will revive quickly.

You can freeze Milk

Milk should be stored in the fridge until the use by date. Milk can also be frozen but this needs to be done before the best use by date expires.  

You can store it in small quantities, and defrost in the fridge. It does need to be used within 24 hours. 

It is possible to freeze your milk in small cubes in an ice cube tray. When you want a cup of coffee, you can pop a cube straight into your drink.

Store potatoes in a cool, dry place

I have always stored my potatoes in the fridge, not even thinking that they should be stored away from other foods. Potatoes should not be stored with other food that has a strong smell like onions. 

Potatoes are best stored in a dry, cool and dark place. If you can, try to store your potatoes in a cloth bag even better.

You can freeze potatoes, but you do need to make sure that you cook them for a few minutes before. Or if you have left over mashed or roast potatoes you can freeze these also.

How to store tomatoes

storing tomatoes

Store your tomatoes in the fridge in the original wrappings. This will keep them fresher longer.  Remove your tomatoes at least 24 hours before you need them, as this will increase the taste of them.

You can freeze whole tomatoes, and use them to make sauces, roast, although they will not be very good to use in a fresh salad.

Best way to store yogurt

budget breakfast

Yoghurts must be stored in the fridge. You can freeze yoghurts when they reach their best before date.

You can mix your yogurt with over ripe fruit and store it in containers in your freezer for use later. Either with smoothies or dessert toppings.

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We all want to save money on our food shopping. It can be really frustrating when fresh foods goes off so quickly. It feels that we only just purchase the food and it then has to be thrown away.  

Even with using several of these hacks, if it saves a few pounds a month, it is better to have that money in your pocket than in the till at the supermarket.

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