Simple Solutions to Earn Additional Income 2020

2020 additional ways to earn money from home

Have you ever needed that extra bit of cash to pay for that unexpected emergency, or to help clear debt. Everybody at some point wants to increase their income, save for a holiday. You  just need that extra bit of spare cash each month, to make it happen. Here are some simple solutions that can help you earn additional income for 2020.

Different types of additional income streams

Many people get confused about the different types of income streams available. The two types are quick easy earning cash or passive income over a period of time.

Quick and easy is as it states. Really it is a one off sale, completing surveys, or cash back sites. This is only a quick fix income stream.

Passive income is earning continuous money from one source, or multiple sources if you choose. This is a brilliant way to earn money, as you do feel great when you check your phone in the morning and realise that you have earnt money whilst you are asleep.

Simple ways to earn cash quickly

Sell unwanted gift cards

If you have any gift cards that you do not want, this is ideal for you. Join Card Yard and you can sell them.

They will ask for some information regarding your gift card and offer you a price. This will not be to the full value of the gift card. But if you are not going to use them, this will not really matter.

Once you have confirmed the selling price, all you have to do is post your gift card to them. Upon receipt of your gift card, they will validate and then send you the money.

Earn cash for shopping online

There are several different types of cashback sites, one for scanning your receipts and another for online purchases.

Recommended cashback sites to join

Have at least 3 sites that offer you cashback for online purchasing. I have joined Quidco, Kidstart and Topcash

All you need to do is log into the sites and check out who has the best commission percentage available. Once you have made the choice, click the link and this will direct you to the website of your chosen retailer. Purchase your item and your cashback site will track the progress for you.

You will need to wait a while for the money to be confirmed and allocated to release the funds. But you can use this to save, and draw the cash when you do need that extra bit of money.

They are so easy to use.  If you purchase a lot of items online from Ebay, Amazon, pet foods, insurance sites and many more, you can easily earn extra money. Why not give it a go as you do not want to turn down that extra bit of cash. Think of it as a discount on your purchases.

Earn money for receipts with cashback sites

Again make sure you join several of these. You can scan one receipt into all of them, earning you triple the money. The most popular ones are Receipt Hog, Shoppix and HuFu.

Every purchase you make when you scan the receipt you can earn tokens and turn these into cash. This is paid directly into your bank account or paypal account. You can also select vouchers and increase your earnings by up to 25%. This does depend on the voucher selection on offer at the time.

Not only can you earn cash by scanning receipts, you can top up your money buy completing small quick surveys.

Earn money whilst you commute to work with online surveys

Online surveys are very easy to join and easy money.  Especially if you commute to work by bus or train. Whilst your are travelling you can earn additional money.  

Make sure you complete your full profile to ensure that more surveys are allocated to you.

Gold Opinions is the highest paid survey site

There is a joining fee, but considering the higher value of payouts per survey this is worth it. The average payout is  $5-$10 per survey . Approx length 20 mins long. There is a set payment date once a month, so you cannot draw down your money if you need it urgently.

Gold Opinions does pay out in Dollars, but they want people from around the world. You can be paid directly into your PayPal account or vouchers, but please be aware of the exchange rate differences.

Get paid to complete surveys with Qmee

There is no joining fee. Surveys are normally approximately 5 – 20 minutes. On average 11p – £1.50 per survey, although you can be declined if you are not suitable. Paid directly into your bank, PayPal account or you can uplift your earnings by selecting a voucher.

A webcam can be used and this is normally paid at a high rate. Ideal as you can download the app to your phone and receive notifications when surveys are available. The app allows easy completion of surveys, ideal if you use public transport. Earn why you travel.

Qmee will also pay you to search on the internet. You only have to install to your web browser. They often pay an additional 4p – 8p per search.

The only downside with Qmee is that they will ask you some questions prior to the survey. This to confirm there is no conflict of interest and you have the correct interest to answer the relevant questions. This can be frustrating and often you will be declined.

Maru Voice UK paid surveys

There is no joining fee. Surveys are very quick and easy and on average 5-10 Minutes. You earn points per survey and you have to have 1000 points to request a voucher. There is no actual money payment, only vouchers. Although there is a large selection of voucher available.

Email notification only, there is no app available which is a shame. You do need to log into your account to complete surveys.

Earn cash all in one with one application Cashback and Surveys

Swag bucks offers you everything, from surveys, watch videos, play games and voucher offers to  earning money cashback on purchases.

I have found this to be very easy money to earn. Although to you do have to earn a set amount before you can withdraw your money.

If you would like more information check out Swag Bucks site 

Earn helping business with their social media account

If you are unable to leave your phone alone and love social media this is for you. Why not be paid to do what you love.

Paid social media jobs will pay you to help promote business via social media. They are an agency with a database of companies that want to pay ordinary internet users to help get the word out about products. They provide you with the training and the tools, which will connect you to the business.

Get paid to test new applications

To use App Coiner all you need is a smartphone or an iPad. You download an app from their database, test it and then write a review. It is that simple.

There is a standard they require for the reviews, you cannot just say you liked it and expect to be paid. They do need more information.

This is ideal for when you are commuting to work by bus or train, providing you have internet access you are ready to go.

Join App Coiner and start testing today

Sell your items by Car boot, Ebay and Facebook Market Place

Sell your unwanted clutter can earn you money

Clear out any items that you do not want. Whenever I have a clear out I ask myself if I have used this item in the last 6 months. If the answer is no, then I sell it. It is an ideal way to declutter and make money.

You do not only have to sell unwanted items. If you have a hobby, can you turn this into an income?

Earn money selling you items at a Carboot

Selling unwanted items at a car book is always my first option. Mainly because there is a one off fee only. Also because you can sell your unwanted larger items more easily.

A pitch fee will be charged for a car boot, this is only a one-off fee which is great. They start early and normally finish by midday. This is a great way to earn an extra bit of money.

Earn Money by selling unwanted items and homemade items on Ebay

Ebay is a great selling platform, but you have to remember to allow for package and posted. There are fees associated with this but only if you sell.

The only downside with this is tracking back and for to the post office to post your items.

Sell large items on Facebook MarketPlace

Facebook is great for selling larger items and having people collect from you home. This can be frustrating as I have found on several occasions that people will expect your to take the items to them. Or they do not bother to turn up and collect.

Earn up to £300 per month with Rent a Room

Airbnb is deal if you have a spare room or a second home and want to earn some extra money. There is no joining fee, but there is a 3-5% booking fee per customer. 

Airbnb are responsible for obtaining the money from the guest, which is released to you on hosting. You do need to allow for approximately 24 hours for receipt of money.

Airbnb vets all guests prior to booking, and you are insured for any liabilities. As of yet, I have not heard one negative comment from friends you are current hosts. You set your own price, time schedule, and most importantly house rules. 

My only advice here although the pay is very good. You can earn a maximum of £300 month if you have only set day. I would not recommend this if you have children.

How to create a passive income stream

There are many different ways to create a passive income stream. They are not quick and easy, so you do need to be dedicated. Do not expect to earn £££ overnight.

Make sure you concentrate on one thing first. Once you have mastered that you can move onto the next passive income strategy.

Create your own YouTube Channel

This is another great way to earn passive income as you can have adverts placed on your videos. But you will only get paid for the advertising if the advert is watched in full. The adverts are normally about 30 seconds long. You will only probably make about 75p per 1000 views.

Other ways to earn via youtube is to create review videos, place an affiliate link in the description and tell the viewer to take action by clicking your link to buy.  

Ideally you  do need to own a product to review and be honest. Plus be confident in front of a camera, not everybody is.

If you do not want to be in front of the camera there are programmes available, that will help you create a video without even showing your face.

If you would like to find out more about Youtube and ways to earn check this video out.

Sell Photographs and earn extra money

If you are a good photographer sell your photos. This cannot be done on your iPhone or compact camera, so you will need a decent DSLR camera or a strong digital camera.

Stock photos – They have a wide audience. Although there is a lower return, with the wider audience you will be able to build your portfolio.

Consider your audience, keywording and how people search for photos when you title them.

Affiliate Marketing can be a steady income

Affiliate marketing is where you market a product and when somebody clicks on your link. If they purchases and product you will earn a small commission. You do need to ensure that you are transparent, no misleading people. Make them aware they are clicking onto an affiliate link.

There are affiliate companies that do charge to join. Therefore my advice is to join a company that has no fees. At least while you are learning the ropes.

You can place affiliate links on Pinterest, Twitter and on your Blog.

Small commission Amazon Associates

Ideally you need to have more than 500 followers before you register. If you do not make your first sale within 180 days you will lose your associate account. You cannot place affiliate links everywhere, you do need to disclose to Amazon the various different sites you will be advertising on.

Although Amazon has many products, it is very hard to market them. Plus the commission you are able to earn is very small.  Only apply for Amazon Associates programme if you have many followers.

High earnings are available from Clickbank

This is an American affiliate company. Very easy to join, but you do need to consider what can be marketed within the UK. 

Click bank is harder to market, and you do need to lead customers into the sale via a sales funnel. The good side of ClickBank you are provided with lots of materials to help you market their products. It can be very confusing, as you do need to set up email campaigns and not just spam people.

Amazon Arbitrage

If you love to hunt for bargains and have some spare money this is ideal for you. Although you do not need a great deal of money to start Arbitrage.

Arbitrage is where you find bargains and you resell then making a profit. These can be sold on eBay, car boots, or any other selling platform such as Amazon.

Amazon is the best site for Arbitrage, mainly because you have the choice for them to take away all of the responsibility of dispatching your goods, customers services. All you have to do is find the product and send them to Amazon. 

I started Amazon Arbitrage with only £45 to purchase items to resell. The first couple of months I did make a loss, but this was due to the lack of experience I had. Although I am not an expert, I am currently earning approximately £200 profit per month.  This money is being reinvested. If you do want to start Arbitrage, be aware that you need to reinvest the money in order to grow.

Write an E-Book and sell on Amazon

E-Books can cover any subject you want. If you are able to write a user manual, fiction thriller novel then this is for you.

You can self publish and sell on Amazon. This may not make you a large amount of money but it could possibly make you an additional £100 – £200 per month. This will can be continuous income for you over a period of time.

To reduce overheads you can design your own cover using either Picmonkey or Canva. These are great sites and offer a free trial period for you to test.

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