Where to register your time capsule

How to register a time capsule

It is important to ensure that people are aware of your time capsule by registering it with The International Time Capsule Society.

Why register your time capsule

The International Time Capsule Society says many time capsules are lost, stolen etc  and suggests you register your capsule with them.

What information do you need to register your capsule?

If you decide to register your time capsule you will need the following information:

  • Name / Organisation
  • Address
  • Contact details (email / phone number)
  • Additional representative to yourself
  • Purpose of time capsule
  • Date you want the capsule to be opened
  • Container details (dimensions and how it was sealed)
  • Steps taken to ensure safety of container
  • Any surface messages to finder
  • Location of the time capsule (this has to be precise)
  • Is there a plaque in the location of the stored capsule
  • What will be found inside of the container (photos / Toys / letters etc)

How to protect decomposing documentation

It is important that all documents stored inside of a time capsule are correctly sealed to avoid deterioration. Decomposition can be halted by sealing content such as paper within a polythene bag.

How to store your documentation in your capsule

When you are ready to store your items and close your time capsule, it is very important to ensure that everything is protected correctly. Colours and acids can be easily transferred between items that will cause damage.

Here are some ideas to help you.

  • Do not allow items to touch each other if they are not individually wrapped.
  • Storage of any electronic storage data or equipment must be stored in a corrosion intercept or static intercept.
  • Use acid free, lignin free interleaving tissue between posters or maps that are stored together.
  • Use 100% polythene bags to store organic items such as paper
  • Coins or other metals should be place in a tarnished reducing enclosure
  • Process photographs on fibre based papers
  • Photocopy any newspaper clippings onto an archival quality paper which is acid free lignin free and buffered paper.

What not to store in your time capsule

There are certain items that you should not store in your time capsule. These will aid in the deterioration of your other items and can be harmful.

  • Any type of food, especially tinned food. This can explode in your time capsule.
  • Don’t place wool, silk or nylon fabric into your container as this give of a harmful gas when they breakdown
  • No ammunition or other explosive materials.
  • Unloaded weapons are okay but nothing else.
  • Do not use pressure sensitive tapes or adhesives

What about storage of your capsule?

stainless steel time capsule

Whatever you choose, the interior must be cool and dry and contents protected against weather and ground elements so it is vital to research first.  If storing in a loft, consider mice eating away at a cardboard box.  

We do recommend you visit the International Time Capsule Society who can offer more accurate information, helping you to start and protecting your capsule.

How to make people aware of you time capsule

If you store your time capsule in your current home and want it to be opened by future occupants then it is advisable to display a plaque. Make them aware of the box and display on the exterior.

For example:

  • Time Capsule 2020
  • Open 8th May 2050

Keep your own inventory of the contents and location then file with your own personal documents.

Is a visible plaque a good idea?

It is an excellent idea to have a visible plaque in the home or in the garden that shows there is a time capsule.  Maybe it’ll make an excellent selling point!  Sainsburys in Hedon East Yorkshire have a plaque built into the wall of the store.  Inside is the time capsule created by the local school.

Be aware of time span and deterioration of your capsule

When you are considering the timespan for your capsule it is important to consider the time frame you want the capsule to last. It is estimated that items stored in your capsule will deteriorate by approximately 20 to 25%.

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