Why Canva is my preferred design software

Canva made way

Canva is my preferred design software that I use for my blog. It is easy to learn, templates are already designed and Canva give you so much more for free.

Has Canva made design easy for the less experienced?

Yes, Canva is one of the easiest design software programmes that are available today. Canva has made design so easy for the less experienced. 

Plus Canva is ideal and I can log into my account from any location and any time of the day. For me this is also a massive bonus.

What is Canva?

Canva is an easy to use drop and drag online design programme that anybody can use.  It is a graphic design programme that can be used for web or for printing.

Do I need to be an experienced designer to use Canva?

canva template examples

You do not need to be an experienced designer to use Canva.  There are some very good basic designs available for you to use.  

All you have to do is select your free layout on Canva, drop and drag. You can change fonts, pictures in the selected area. It is just so easy to use.

I have no experience of design, and I can use Canva.  At first it was a bit frustrating, but once I got the hang of it, I have had lots of fun. 

Although I am still not a designer, it does take me some time if I want to design from scratch.

Can I use Canva for free?

Canva is free to use, although there are some designs that you need to pay 99p for. You will be able to determine the design that requires payment by the watermark. Canva will not remove the watermark until this payment has been made.

Can I use Canva free images?

Canva has a library of over 4M plus images you can use. When you search for your images you can select premium or free images. The images are only 99p each, and it is a one off payment for that design.

What else does Canva let me use for free?

Not only do they have over 4M free photos or elements for you to use, they also have videos.  Although these only have on average 15 seconds. But you can incorporate these into your design if you wish.

What is included in Canva Pro subscription?

Canva pro costs £8.99 per month, and you can try for 30 days free using all of these different facilities available.

Included in your Canva Pro package if you decide to subscribe.

  • Able to design anything using templates
  • 4M plus photos and elements 
  • Over 1000 plus fonts
  • Ability to create animations and gifs
  • Branding kit
  • Unlimited storage folders of you designs
  • Resizing to any format
  • Priority support

Is Canva pro subscription worth paying £8.99 per month?

Is Canva worth paying a monthly subscription of £8.99 a month. For me personally it is not worth paying this. 

Really you need to decide how many premium designs you will use each month, and the other facilities available on Canva Pro. Have a play with the free Canva design software first, as you can register and use without subscribing.

Practice creating your own designs from scratch. It is fun, and makes you feel  satisfied that you have achieved a design of your own. Especially if you have not experience with designing.

Will the Canva remove watermarks if I subscribe to Canva Pro

If you subscribe to Canva pro some of the watermarks will disappear under the one-time usage licence, but not all of them. 

You may find that some designed templates, photos still have the watermarks. So you will need to pay the additional money..

What type of templates designs are available on Canva?

canva social media templates

There are so many different types of template designs available to use, that are free on Canva

Here is just the basic layout templates that are preset for you to use and change to suit your needs.

  • Pinterest
  • Thumbnails for YouTube
  • Posters
  • Facebook post
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Logos
  • Presentation
  • Cards
  • Business cards
  • Resume
  • Invitations
  • Book Covers
  • Menus
  • Brochure

Can you sell your designs from Canva?

If you have designed your canva template yourself, then yes you can sell your design. But you cannot sell a design that is already a predesigned Canva template.

Resizing Canva designs

Whether you are subscribed to Canva Pro or have the free version you can select the size of your design. 

Only if you have Canva Pro, can you resize your design whilst you are working.  If you have the free version of Canva, it is possible to select your own design size by customizing your dimensions. This must be decided before you select the social media type. Otherwise you are not able to resize unless you have subscribed to Canva Pro.

Customizing your dimensions size on the free version of Canva does still allow you to have select design templates. But you will not be able to select the social media type.

Using photos or other forms of media in you designs

With both Canva Pro and free Canva, it is possible to import your own photos or animations.

Your photos or other media can be loaded within seconds by the upload section on your screen. There is no additional fee for this.

Is it possible to save your designs on Canva

Yes, you can save your designs on Canva. You do not need to purchase Canva Pro. Although, you will only have one folder to save your designs.  

If you subscribe to Canva Pro, you will have the option to save and organise folders so you can index easily. Enabling you to find your designs more easily.

Your designs will not automatically be saved for you, make sure that you save your designs once you have finished.

Is it possible to duplicate designs on Canva

Yes, you can duplicate your Canva designs. It is possible to duplicate by browsing your saved folder. Select your saved design and click on the top right hand side and a menu will appear. This will enable you to copy a design easily.

Another way to duplicate your design on Canva is to load your design first. Select file from the menu and select copy design.

Advantages of Canva design software

There are many advantages of using Canva, that can really make your life easy.

  • Free powerful online design software.
  • Lots of templates that you can use.
  • Templates for all social media platforms.
  • Canva provides free design training videos.
  • Many ’how to design on Canva’ videos on Youtube.
  • Ability to upload your own photos, videos.
  • Easy drop and drag.
  • Choice of over 40M photos.
  • Fading of backgrounds.
  • Resizing of fonts 
  • Large variety of font styles you can select.
  • Easy to format designs to your needs.
  • Over 8000 templates although not all of these are free.

Disadvantages of Canva design software

Although Canva is a great free software to use, there are some disadvantages to using it.

  • The standard design will be used by many people, so your design will not be unique.
  • Subscribing to Canva Pro does not give you full access to all templates, different types of media such as photos, icons and videos.
  • Frustrating at times especially when you first start to use Canva.
  • Some of the best designs you need to pay additional money, although this is only 99p.
  • Restriction on download formats PDF, PNG,JPG


I cannot recommend Canva design enough to anybody,  Everybody wants to use software that is easy, free and also provides you with many templates. This is that program.

I have found it very hard to actually find disadvantages to using Canva. The advantages very much outweigh the disadvantages.

Compared to other programs I have used, Canva is a blessing. If you don’t believe me then link to Canva by clicking here and try the program yourself.  

I would love to hear what you think of Canva?

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  1. Lesley

    I’ve used to design posters to print fir a restaurant too. Tons of free designs.

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