Why you should read Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

If you are serious about creating a successful business, you must read the Expert Success book by Russel Brunson. Expert Secrets book is free, but you will need to pay for postage.

Expert Secrets will help you by explaining and providing proof of real life tactics for marketing and ways to promote your business online.

Who is Russell Brunson?

russell brunson

Russell Brunson is the Co Founder of ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is an online software programme that has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, with their marketing strategies. Russell Brunson’s business has enabled entrepreneurs to create funnels that allow them to send their messages out to potential customers quickly and easily.

Why should you order Expert Secret Book?

Expert secrets book

The reason why you should order the Expert Secrets book is because it is full of information, strategies that Russell Brunson has proven himself that works. Over the years Russell Brunson has built up a multi million dollar business, not only selling his own products but also other people’s products.

How much does an Expert Secret book cost?

expert secrets

Expert Secret book is free to purchase, but depending on where you live there is a fee for postage. If you live within the UK you will need to pay $14.95 and outside of the UK $7.95.

If you are serious about expanding or starting an online business then this is a must buy purchase. You cannot afford not to purchase this excellent book. Whether you are wanting to sell other people’s products as an affiliate marketer or your own.

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What is inside the Expert Secrets book?

Inside of the Expert Secrets book you will find 5 different sections that are a combination of  22 expert secrets.

These secrets include an examination of key topics related to strategies of online marketing successfully of your business. The main core of the Expert Secret book discusses different concepts on how to attract and retain your ideal customer. How to target your audience and convince them that your service or product is what they must have or need.

Real life examples of how to bridge a gap with your audience

The different strategies will teach and provide to you. By using real life examples on how to bridge the gap between attracting your audience. Following a journey of a customer to finalisation of purchasing.

Important points of Expert Secrets book

Section 1 of Expert Secrets

Section 1 concentrates on three main areas such as a charismatic leader, cause and creating new opportunities.

  • How to become a leader. Even if you were not born with leadership qualities. Or you are a leader, Russell Brunson shows you how you can improve on your leadership skills. He explains how you can do this by following critical rules.
  • How you can find your target audience and how people will respond to your products.
  • Tips on marketing, and how to write so people will respond to you. This is all tailored to your specific marketed audience.
  • Teach you how to show new opportunities, targeting, presenting to your audience and encourage them to believe in your product or brand. Mainly how to encourage your audience to choose your brand above everybody else’s

Section 2 of Expert Secrets

expert secrets

Section 2 details how you need to create a belief with your audience and encouraging them to believe in what you are offering.

  • Creating a belief and getting your audience to believe in your brand and what you are offering.
  • How to convince your audience to buy from you.
  • Understanding and learning how to convince your audience to purchase from your via emotions and storytelling.
  • How to build your brand through storytelling that people can easily relate to.
  • Combination of understanding and script on how to implement your character and story.
  • Breaking customer belief and helping to create new beliefs by your story telling.
  • Creating a culture behind your brand.

Section 3 of the Expert Secrets

The third section of Expert Secrets relates to moral obligation, and the secrets to offering your targeted audience new opportunities. In total it is divided into four secrets that include trial closes, communication, breaking and rebuilding patterns.

  • How to communicate with your audience, how to present to them and convince them to buy from you.
  • How to sell your brand online, via webinar.

Section 4 of Expert Secrets

The fourth section of Expert Success details how to fill your funnel. This is from the first point of contact with your customer, leading them through a journey via your sales funnel. Allowing your audience to gain trust in you as a brand.

  • Creating product launch funnels
  • Email epiphany funnels
  • Perfect webinar hack and model
  • Close

Section 5 of Expert Secrets Book

The final fifth section of Expert Secrets book is a combination of how to maximise your funnels. How to obtain your followers and keep your followers to potential sales earning via these followers.


If you are serious about wanting to promote your current business or you are seriously considering starting an online affiliate marketing business. Then you must not pass this offer by. It is only a small investment, but you will learn so much. You cannot really compare the cost of the book to how much you will learn.

Converting from dollars to sterling the Expert Secrets book will cost you £11.44. You can purchase this on Amazon but the cost is greater, ranging from £15 to £20. So purchasing from Russell Brunson’s official site will be the cheaper option for you. 

Another reason to purchase directly from Russel Brunson’s official website is that it will allow you to see the sales funnel process in action. Also by registering for your copy, you will receive additional tips that may help and guide you on your future journey.

I have read lots of books and also listened to many audio books about affiliate marketing, but they all seemed to have the most vital sections missing. How to engage your audience.  Expert Secrets books have it all. From improving your internet marketing skills, creating sales funnels and techniques and converting these to income.

There is 100% quantarentee back if you are not happy, but I do promise you that you will not even consider this once you start your journey and purchase the Expert Secrets book.

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